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Advent, which comes from the Latin word for "arrival" or "coming" is a period of preparation for the birth of our Lord. Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and is the start of our Christmas season, which lasts through the Baptism of Our Lord. The first Sunday of Advent also marks the beginning of the liturgical year, the Church's "New Year's Day", at which time we change the cycle of the readings we are using at Mass.

Advent is a time of joyous anticipation, but also of penance and preparation for the great Christmas feast. The liturgical color of the season is purple, a sign of penance, which is also used during Lent. Then Church discourages excessive ornamentation, boisterous music and even weddings during Advent, in order to forest a sense of quiet hope.

The below resources are provided by Our Sunday Visitor and are the Digital Versions of our bulletin inserts throughout the Advent Season.

Blessing of the Advent Wreath

Third Week of Advent


O God, bless our wreath and be with us as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ. As we light the candle each day, help us to keep our own hearts burning with Your love.


"He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in fire." (Luke 3:16)

In the Third Week of Advent, we are called to respond to the gifts and graces we received in our baptism. We ask, "Does my life today fulfill the expectations and responsibilities of bearing the name of Christian?" What are we doing for the hungry, the oppressed, the sick, the lonely? Do we truly care about the needs of others? Do we accomplish cheerfully all that is expected of us in the work place or the classroom?

(Light the first two purple candles and the pink candle)


Almighty and loving God, Your Son has taught us the way to live as Your

children. We were blessed in our baptisms with special gifts and graces, and still there are times when we find it hard to be all that we should be. We ask for an increased awareness of the needs of others and for the courage to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Please, God, help us to live in Your grace that all who know us will know You and Your love.


Second Week of Advent


"Make ready the way of the Lord. Clear Him a straight path." (Luke 3:4)

In the Second Week of Advent, we consider our relationships with ourselves and with God. We ask, "Do I always appreciate the union of the divine and the human that makes me who I am?" Are we aware of the wonder of "self," the gift bestowed upon us by our Creator? Do we appreciate and use our talents, energies, charms, and abilities for God's

glory? In prayer and worship, are we in touch with the divine Presence around us? 

(Light the first and second purple candle)


Almighty and loving God, You Who dwell within our hearts at every waking moment, keep us always close to You. Help us to recognize and appreciate the gifts and talents You have given us. Teach us to use our energies for the good of others and the glory of Your Son Jesus, Whose promise is too precious to ignore. Keep our hearts and minds ever alert to Your personal and loving Touch in every prayer, in every act of worship.


First Week of Advent


"So be on the watch. Pray constantly for the strength to...stand secure before

the Son of Man." (Luke 21:36) In the First Week of Advent, we prepare ourselves for the Lord's coming into our world and into our lives. We ask, "In what area of my life do I stand at a distance from God?" We examine our relationships with family, friends, classmates, business associates, and neighbors. Is our faith reflected in each experience of human contact? Is love of God and neighbor the basis for our interaction with others? 

(Light the first purple candle)


Almighty and loving God, we have searched our hearts and reviewed our love

for Your people. Some relationships overflow with love while others have been found wanting. Yet it is our desire that You be a part of every human experience. We beg You now to fill our hearts with Your love and sharpen our awareness of Your Presence in every moment so that wherever we go and whatever we do, we will always stand secure before You.


O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Arrangement by Alec Noll

Violin - Jordan Manocchi

Piano - Alec Noll

Recorded in our Parish December 9, 2018

Due to Covid-19 precautions, there will be no Parish Wide Advent Reconciliation Service this year. The Sacrament of Reconciliation

is offered at:

Immaculate Conception, Glenville Saturdays from 4:00 - 4:30pm in the Rectory

St. Joseph's, Scotia

Saturdays from 3:00 - 3:30pm

Our Lady of Grace, Ballston Lake

Sundays following 10:30am Mass 

Or by appointment.

Feast of the

Immaculate Conception

our parish feast day, is Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Mass will be celebrated at 9:00am

Printable Worship Aid

A Vigil Mass will be celebrated at St. Joseph's Church, Scotia on December 7 at 6:00pm